Anton Dumancic

August 3 2022 at 13:30, after a short and serious illness, at the age of 78, Antun left us

1944. - 2022.


ANTON DUMANČIĆ was my belovid deda(grandpa) I want this page to be memorial for him. He was a great man, everyone loved him, and he was an great artist.

"There is no man on earth that antun could but didn't help" - Close family

"I would allways remembered him by the love of art and fishing, and urge to help not just family but everyone"- Me

"Ja sam kao mladic (I'm just like a young man)"- Antun

"Hoces me posjetiti na groblju kad odem. (Will visit me at the cemetery when I'm gone.)"- Antun

Anton my grandpa was special to me and I belive I need to make memorial for him as he deserved to be remembered.

Some of Antun's art